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Hi, is this the full game?

This is an amazing game and the only complaint that I could possibly come up with is that it isn't longer. Which isn't actually a complaint, obviously.

The sprites are beautifully drawn and they feel... familiar somehow? Not sure where I've seen the sprite artist's work before but it's very distinct and detailed. 

The characters are charming too, and I adore them both so much that I can't pick a favorite. Their motives are as believable as their backstories, and everything is so well thought out! It really is just like reading a story but with visuals. Which is the point of a visual novel but I guess what I'm saying is that the story was riveting, and I quite literally tried every single variation of every single option in the game. It's a true testament to the quality of your creation when you can make someone so happy just from finding a single like of unseen text!

Anywho, if you couldn't tell already, I'm a huge fan of your work and I look forward to seeing what you guys make in the future! 

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Hi Vatalanii,

Sorry for the late, late reply! Thank you so much for playing and checking for every variation! It always warms my heart to hear that.


Zelda Knight

SO, I love the game! Gorgeous art, really interesting lore (from what we are given) and a really interesting alternate reality on, well, our world. What's really stumping me is the endings- I can only get the first 3, no matter what I pick. Is this because the game's not finished yet? Will the other endings (4-7) be available to achieve in the final version? Looking forward to the finished version either way, since the visuals go really weirdly up to the *ahem* "route choice" scene.  As in the sprites pretty much disappear :P Guessing that will be all sorted in the final version too! But well done anyway! I know Nanoreno can be stressful, and you made a gorgeous game in such a short time! I can't even pick a favourite fella. Really good stuff, look forward to future work x

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Hi queenbol,

Thank you so much <3! The other endings require the player to die during the RPG battle! They're very short so you've unlocked the main endings. Haha! Yes, it was a very obvious choice for the routes. Thank you for playing!


Zelda Knight